Ethics Dilemma

In graduate school, I took an ethics class. Here is a question from the final exam:

Last year, your job was to promote a new, lower-cost answering machine that your company had just come out with. You did such a great job that you got promoted. Your company has a great reputation. This year the campaign is entirely yours. You get a call from your wife, who says, “I have a couple of people who say their calls to me weren’t returned. What’s going on?” So you talk to the manager in research and development, and he says, “It’s only 90% efficient. Out of every 100 calls, you’ll drop 10.”

You didn’t know this when you ran the campaign last year, but you know it NOW. What would you do?

Here’s how I responded to the question on the exam: I said you have two choices and only two choices: You tell the truth and then the people can decide if that’s what they want, or you quit. My professor said that’s the most unique answer he ever received to that question on the test.

But honestly, what would YOU do in this situation?

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