the gayle group guides individuals and organizations to move from where they are to where they want to be in a timely and strategic manner. We do this through consulting, project-based work, side-by-side one-on-one training, as well as workshops and seminars on general topics and information specific to the need. Initial 1-hour consultation is free.

Partial List of Client Industries:

  • 1 Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms
  • 1 Agriculture
  • 1 Airplane Factories
  • 1 Auto Repair
  • 1 Beauty Salons
  • 1 Colleges and Universities
  • 1 Construction (multiple disciplines)
  • 1 Electrical
  • 1 Financial Industry
  • 1 Government (at all levels)
  • 1 Hardware Retail
  • 1 Hospitality
  • 1 HVAC
  • 1 Logging
  • 1 Manufacturing
  • 1 Medical Offices and Facilities
  • 1 Plumbing
  • 1 Production Companies
  • 1 Retail
  • 1 Restaurant
  • 1Sales & Property Management Facilities
Certified in QuickBooks and Microsoft Office
A highly accomplished national and international instructor, Brenda Gayle Bryant has trained thousands of individuals in numerous disciplines. the gayle group specializes in:

  • QuickBooks training
  • Microsoft Office Software training
  • Small Business Success
  • Financial Techniques

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To learn more about how to register for our training workshops and seminars click here.

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