Women’s Money Conference

So what did you do over the weekend? I went to the 3rdAnnual (but my first) Women’s Money Conference on Saturday, April 5th. It was filled with smart, intelligent, inquisitive women – and a few brave men. And since it was my first time there, I tried to meet all the sponsors and vendors represented. So I talked with representatives from various banks, credit unions, local and federal organizations, authors, radio stations – oh, yes, you missed a lot – and even a bookstore.

Since I teach Financial Intelligence, I was eager to hear the speakers. The morning started out with Nevada State Treasurer Kate Marshall. She talked about the importance of understanding how money works. She encouraged everyone to go onto the state website for unclaimed property and see if she is holding YOUR money for you. In fact, one of the participants did have some of that ‘held money.’ The speakers were interspersed with table discussion time and speaker question and answer periods. The interaction with the speakers and with one another, the chance to share good ideas, and the ability to get real answers to questions was priceless.

The speakers included Jerrie Merritt, who talked about the emotional side of spending money; Toni Spilsbury, who talked about the importance of solid organization in the kitchen (the almighty food budget); Carrie Rocha, who talked about how her family’s discipline got them out of debt; Julie Macc, who talked about understanding how to secure your money and monitor your credit; and Kat Bellucci, who talked about building wealth. But the bottom line of all the speakers, vendors, and organizations is that money wealth begins with money knowledge. What do others know about money that you don’t? How are others able to amass a realistic savings plan or buy a house or go to college, and you can’t? The day was filled with various answers to questions like that. We learned about the importance of living with a good financial plan – one that meets our family’s specific needs; of finding the right organizations that can help us buy that house or go to college or build an appropriate savings plan; of surrounding ourselves with the right trustworthy people to mentor us as we flex our financial muscles.

If you would like more information, please go to www.womensmoney.org. You may find some helpful information there. And, of course, you can always contact me at brenda@thegaylegroup.com.


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